Along my journey toward a life of peace and serenity I realized that I needed a creative outlet, so I started this blog. The purpose of this blog is purely self-expression – being creative for the sake of being creative. It has evolved into a collection of non-fiction essays.

All of the anecdotes and incidents you read in this blog are completely true and not exaggerated, no matter how sad, pathetic or unbelievable they may seem. That is my promise to you. Hopefully, you will be at least mildly entertained at some of the things that go on in my life and in my head – it’s actually a bit scary in here but I do laugh a lot. When I am alone, too, which is just strange.

I am a wife, new mother, and business owner ( which means my life has been somewhat hectic. I write when I can or when I feel so inclined. I may post twice in one week or one time in two months. If you don’t like checking back to find that my blog hasn’t been updated, your best bet is to subscribe via email at the link above or follow me on Twitter (@jencrews) as I always let the Twitterverse know when I post a new blog.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy reading my writing. Comments and feedback are encouraged, whether you post a comment on the blog itself or email directly to me at jen (dot) crews (at) gmail (dot) com.

Be well!