It’s taken me five years, but I finally have started my blog.  There’s a saying you may be familiar with, and it goes like this:  better late than never.  So here I am being a complete latecomer when I like to see myself as a trend-setter.  What can you do?

What was the hold-up?  (She asks, as if you were all patiently waiting.)  After all, a blog seems to be the perfect marriage of two things I truly enjoy: 

  1. Telling people what’s on my mind.
  2. Attention. 

In fairness to myself, the latter comes and goes – sometimes I do like to retreat into my cave to rejuvenate and regroup.  And I love to listen to people too.  However, as my husband will attest, there is never a time when I am not willing to share what’s on my mind.  Poor guy.

So back to the burning question – what was the hold up?  Well, there were a couple of things:

  • I didn’t feel like I had the time.
  • I didn’t know if anyone would care.
  • I didn’t want to get my feelings hurt when someone posted a comment like “You are a moron and you should curl up in a hole and die.”  I’ve seen the things that some people are willing to post when they have even a little bit of anonymity!

So the other burning question – what changed?  Here is the answer:

I just don’t care anymore. 

I am making the time because I need an outlet for the things that fly through my head.  I don’t care if anyone else cares because I am doing this for me.  If people don’t like it, so be it.  I feel really liberated now!  And this can only make my husband’s life easier because if I get a lot of the stuff in my head out onto the blog, there will be fewer times when I get on a roll and talk his ear off.  But I am not making any promises.

By the way, it’s sad that in my first post I have a numbered list AND a bulleted list.  You can take the girl out of corporate, but….you know the rest.  More on that in a later post.  I have to stop now because I really should go attend to the child.  More on THAT in a later post.

Have a good one!